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How do you make a choice skin care cosmetics by? "Component is good" ?or "review is great"? “because cheap, expensive" "package is nice!". . . . . ? ? ?

Even with any excellent skin care cosmetics,
If in a wrong care, it may cause the unexpected skin problems.

Skin care cosmetics to use every day is the same as the food as you take in the day-to-day diet.

 Let's consider the role of skin care.

With the skin,

  1. Barrier function (to protect from dirt, ultraviolet, virus, etc.)
  2. Metabolism function (to the exclusion of those waste to help the reincarnation of the cell)
  3. Temperature control function (to protect the body in the contraction of the sweating and the skin)
  4. Sensor function (keep body a healthily)

And Skin originally is breathing, is the organ, to excrete the bacteria and dirt.

Skin care is
playing a role to support so that these functions work well.
In other words, the excellent skin care cosmetics which has purposes, such as "clean" "moisturizing" UV protection ", which is something pulled out your “skin force" of the original health and beautiful by nature.

2. But various enemies on your skin!

It is said that Japanese largely compared to Westerners, as a skin type, tend to be easily dried, delicate susceptible to irritation.
Further more,
for the skin there are many foreign and internal enemies,such as Ultraviolet light, dry, air pollution, rust of your skin, malnutrition, stress, etc., etc. And ... Wrong skincare also an enemy of your skin.

3.  Your skin type can be changed !?

Skin in the environment and with stress has been exposed to the crisis every day. But okay! ! You can go in place of the beautiful skin with no trouble in the day-to-day skin care!
First, at the beginning, let's grasp the skin type from your own skin condition. The amount of sebum (the force that holds the moisture) and the amount of water = you will find your skin type in the balance of moisturizing capacity (power to create moisture). (Fig. 1)


It is said that most of the Japanese have the skin type, "dry skin / D", either "dry type oily skin / DO".

Excellent skin care, can encourage your skin force of its own nature, and can be close as possible to the balanced "normal skin / N”

Note 1:
“Combination skin" is of mixed skin types in a plurality, as likes
Dry Oily /DO skin in partially every part.
Note 2:
"Sensitive skin" is with the tendency of skin prone of easy allergy symptoms become hypersensitivity,
"Rough skin" is also indicating an abnormal condition that the original function of the skin is broken, these are, in terms of the moisture and fat in the skin, happen despite any of the skin type (of the former chart), it is how to call of the symptoms with the skin.

4. Cleansing is No1, easy to be mistaken in skin care

It is cleansing that the most easy to make mistakes in skin care. The cleansing often causes skin problems, which is surprisingly not well known.

Skin with all day makeup, if you do not clean the firm dirt from the skin, will be the cause of the pores opening and acne, a factor of oxidation of the skin of lipids, which will accelerate the aging.
However, just because you choose the ones that use a lot of "surfactant" included in the cleansing agent, on the contrary to cleaning firmly the oily makeup, which will remove more the necessary sebum out with dirt than necessary to skin.


In particular, cases for the rough skin and dry skin, using such strong cleansing agent, will cause Rough skin worse at once.
Cleansing agent there are various shapes (Fig. 2) in the balance of "water", "oil", "surfactant".
It is important to choose one that suits your skin type.

Especially for the skin condition of dry and rough being worse, Mild (Aqueous) gel type is the best.

Even more, whatever cleansing agent is in use, the method is also important. Let's note the following:

  1. Not scrape your skin strongly with a small amount.
  2. Clean up Dark point-makeups earlier with the dedicated remover.
  3. Clean makeup from T-zone of much sebum, start from the top toward the bottom in turn and turn.
  4. By cleansing out makeups in the day, not leave the dirt and bacteria on the skin.

In anyway, it is important to be cleansing Makeup carefully and rub the time side dishes,
By the way, Cleansing agent that specializes in clean up the makeup can not clean up dust and dead skin cells, so that
Double cleansing for makeup and cleansing it should be necessary to continue every day.

But due to busy every day, it's impossible to do double cleansing every day !
And by those such as indoor heating and cooling, ultraviolet light, your skin tends to be dried up, so really hope that,
Could be in simple to clean up makeup and dirt, and refreshing at once ...
If such greedy cleansing and facial cleanser that could be used with confidence even in dry skin and rough skin condition ...

Double cleansing unnecessary!
No burden to your skin, Wash up in moist, There is a Cleansing Jell (Gel)

Face Clean Jell
Both cleansing and washing your face at a time It is a convenient gel type of aqueous Jell capable.

Excellent in absorptive gel will clean not only makeup dirt, also firmly clean into the dirt clogged pores. Moreover surprisingly moist after washing without tight feel to your skin.
Soft Jell (gel) does not cause irritation and friction to your skin, you can use it with confidence even when rough skin is terrible.

5.Skills, we should note in order to take full realization of the effect of skin care

Also there is a point that we should take care other than cleansing.
Skill 1
Keep the order of skin care cosmetics.
Washing → Cleansing → Lotion → Essence → Milk/ Cream
We will keep this order in use.
After washing immediately by Lotion, moisture is replenished, and supplemented, and by essence after the texture being trimmed, then by Milk/Cream of which lid prevents your skin from drying. No moisture penetrates into the skin at the reverse order.

Skill 2
Lotion, side dishes time after washing your face, to soak into your skin thoroughly .
In case of taking care with using a cotton, tends to irritate the skin, so that it is safe to take care by using hand.
To take an appropriate amount (about 500 yen coin) in hand, it is important that you adapt to gently suppressed thoroughly skin to the entire face. Just pouring in the face is a reverse effect because the lotion does not penetrate.

Skill 3
With an appropriate amount of usage, the well-rounded skin care in balance by each skin type.
By skin type with such cleanser, lotion, emulsion, etc, let‘s take a balance in moisture and oil.
However overuse is taboo! If person of rather dry use too much cream or too moisturizing, the skin is itself misunderstand, which can cause the degradation of skin moisturizing function and barrier function. In addition, people of oily skin on the contrary should be firmly a cleansing so as not to secrete excess sebum, where it is important to choose easily the light milky lotion or cream.

Skill 4
Essences to carefully try the same thing about a month.
When choosing a beauty essence liquid, first thing you should separate use them depending on the trouble. But at the same time, note the opposite effect that you use any kind in being immediately switched one to one. Since skin turnover almost one month, although there are differences by the people, the effect can be realized that what with more than one month. Usage, somewhat larger amount (about 10 yen coin). Of course, is NG on how to use, such as applying a pressure to the skin. Let‘s rub in gently skin.

While recap these skills, it is important to continue selecting and using skincare cosmetics which are fully taken into account gentleness to your skin.

Basic Skincare Cosmetics
Take deep sleep,
Take food and water with nutrition ,
Keep a regular life rhythm.

It is also important to keep
in mind the inner (body) care
as well as the skin care.

This is the way to get to realization of your beautiful skin !