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Product series of Parunos is a proven product for youwho worry about skin problems caused with a change in your skin due to age, or by sensitiveskin, produced from research results of long years, have ever gotten support by many customers.
Having been studied carefully,and developedfrom a scientific basis of the relationship between effective natural ingredient and physiology of the skin, the products also draw your skin inherent "power ofseeking to become beautiful" such as the barrier function,the self-maintenance function, is an aging care to keep the skin youthful and beautiful and healthy.Parunosis such a product series of our self-confidence.
For mainly consists of natural ingredients, with no fragrance, cutting as much as possible the component such as mineral oils and petroleum-derived surfactants, synthetic dyes, you can use safely and secure even for delicate skin. 



Face cleansing and washing gel

Face Clean Jell 120mL
Cleansing Gel skin-friendly,adsorption firm force of geltakes awaydirt of your skin and makeup, dead horny skin without double cleansing, while moisturizing,
Face clean jell 120mL



Refresh Form 70g
Foam with resilient granular wash up well in close contact with your skinas firmly removes the extra sebum,wastes,refreshandalso keep moist.
Refresh form 70g



Massage Jell 80g
Ingredients of the gel spread to your skin, which enhance your original beauty skin.
You have livelymoist skin with the massaging effect
Massage Gel 80g

Massage cleansing

Massage Cream 110g
Massage cream washable and cleansing.
With massaging effect on your skin lively, the cream takes away the oily dirt such as sebum and makeup.
Massage cream 110g


Moisture Lotion 120mL
Smooth attaching, good stretch lightly feeling.
Okay with low stimulation even if your skin is sensitive.
This moisturizing ingredient istwice of hyaluronic acid so that moisture of your skin can be long-lasting.
Moisture Lotion 120m

Aqua Lotion 120mL
Your skin is moisturized by the effect of plant extracts and moisturizers.
This refreshing type is recommended and revitalization for sensitive skin and oily skin
also good to use for skin of sun tanning.

Aqua Lotion 120mL


Beauty essence

Essence 30mL
The Essence is long seller.
Natural ingredients of vegetable extracts is to effect the beautiful skin
and feel light and comfortable without sticky,
Firmly holding moisture throughout the horny layer then you feel the moisture of the skin inside.

Essence 30mL


Moisturizing cream gel
Moisture Jell 30g
Gentleness, lightness ofa Gel type
While suppressing the extra oil, it moisturizes your skin firmly,
protect your skin from the stimulation of outside air and dryness,.

Moisture Gel 30g

Milky Jell 60mL
Gel emulsion of refreshing.
The water repellency of milk oil, with no oil extra,it keeps moisture of your skinand supports barrier functions to protect your skin.

Milky Gel 60mL

Cosmetic oil
Oil 30mL
Including high-quality
squalane , vegetable extract oil and those like,
The blended luxury natural ingredients of making beautiful skin, refreshing feelsupport stronglyyour original powerof beautiful and natural skin .

Oil 30mL

Whole-body cream
Skin Nourish 50g
A hand-Body care cream protects your skin firmly from drying out with light feel in coating comfort, moreover difficult to stick to clothes, persist excellent moisturizing and water retention.

Skin Nourish 50g




Moisturizing cream / gel
White Rich Jell 30g
Harmony of the natural ingredients formulated luxurythat prevents the skin color trouble fromsuch as spots and freckles caused by sunburn, maintain your healthy lively beautiful skin.

White Rich Jell 30g

Sunscreen emulsion
SP Jell 33mL
Sunscreen fordaily life, it is sufficient UV protection effect, based in skin-friendly Gel emulsion-.
Without white float, the microcapsules of ultraviolet absorber isactually safe and mild to the skin,because by the cell coating.

SP Jell 33mL


Concealer (2 colors)Honey / Cacao
Applying a concealer that color matches your skin, covers stains, freckles causedby sunburn as less noticeable.
In addition, makes beautiful skin with spot effect of Skin care.

Concealer Honey / Cacao  




Toilet soap
Facial Soap 100g
Feel moist and smooth after washing face skin.
Such mild and fine foaming bringsgentle washing up feel, and safe for those who are sensitive to skin irritation.
Also is recommended usingfor body too.

Facial Soap 100g


Hair care products
Treat Shampoo 400mL
Treat Shampoo 1000mL (Refill)

The long sellerof non-silicon, fragrance fee that is friendly to the scalp and hair,
just with this one bottlerealizedboth the effects of Shampoo and Treatment, which brings scoured clean from the background, fluffy sense of the volume, and make silky hair.

Treat Shampoo 400mL
Treat Shampoo (Refill) 1000mL






Foundation (3 colors)Natural / Ochre / Pink Natural
Skin-friendly in gel-baseand skin care benefits are combined to the one that is comfortable to wear lightly and feelrefreshing.
The skin colors are carefully selected to emphasize your skin beauty.
Natural pigments used, UV protection ingredients contained.
Foundation (3 colors), Natural / Ochre / Pink Natural
each 33mL


Color Liquid (3 colors) Pink / Ochre / Green
Being mixed with the plurality of each color makes color scheme freely.
It is a liquid foundation that also serves as a skin care.
Goodness inspread, light comfortable are good to wear even as a makeup base.
Natural pigments used.
Liquid color (3 colors) Pink / Ochre / Green
each 30mL

Face powder

Lasting Powder (2 colors) Lucent / Natural
Adjust the oil of your skin and it keepsyour skin moisture to prevent drying,and finished with a transparent feeling of the fine (grained) skin texture.
UV protection ingredients contained.
Lasting Powder Refill for replacement (2 colors) Lucent / Natural
(Case puff sold separately)